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3FGB80LPS89 DN80 Kvs=100

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Perfectly sealed 3-way globe valve PN16
DN80, Kvs=100 and grooved connections
Cast iron body and brass plug
Fluid temperature -10/150 °C
The 3FGB.L series valves are used for the control of fluids belonging to the group, as per art. 13 of Directive 2014/68/EU (PED), in air conditioning systems, thermal ventilation of fluids and civil and industrial heating systems and thermal machines for industrial processes. They can not be used as safety valves.
The 2-3FGB.L series is designed with PTFE gaskets to offer a perfect seal both on the direct route and on the corner road.
Thermal insulation shells available .
More Information
Valve body Cast Iron
Plug Brass
PN 16
T Fluid min[°C] -10
T Fluid max [°C] 150
Leakage [% Kvs] 0
Leakage by-pass [% Kvs] 0
Stroke [mm] 45
Valve type 3 way
DN [mm] 80.00
Kvs 100.00
Kvs by-pass 100.00
Connection Flanged
Fluid Water
Max Differential Press. [kPa] 200
Connection size Scanalati
Application HVAC-R