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Smart Balancing Control Valve PN16
DN100, flanged connections
Cast iron body and brass plug
Flow rate max 77000 l/h
Equipped with p/t plugs

Motorized with actuator 230 Vac with emergency return function
0-10 Vdc (default), 2-10 Vdc, 0-5/2-6 Vdc, 5-10/6-10 Vdc e 4-20 mA
Modbus-RTU connectivity, IP54
More Information
Valve body Cast Iron
Plug Brass
PN 16
T Fluid min[°C] -10
T Fluid max [°C] 120
Leakage [% Kvs] 0,03
Valve type Smart valve
DN [mm] 100.00
Connection Flanged
Fluid Water
Flow max [l/h] 77,000.00
Flow min [l/h] 45,000.00
Max Differential Press. [kPa] 800
Min Differential Press. [kPa] 35
Connection size UNI EN 1092-1
Pressure plugs Yes
Application HVAC-R
Power supply 230 Vac
Emergency Return Yes
Communication Modbus RTU
Temperature sensors No
The smart balancing and control valve EBV system is composed by the following elements:
• smart high resolution actuator able to collect and elaborate all the data coming from sensors and the BMS (via Modbus) in order to properly position the control valve;
• flanged Globe Valve with equipercentage control characteristic equipped with pressure sensor plugs;
• a couple of high resolution pressure sensors able to continuously monitor the valve differential pressure;
• a couple of NTC 10 kOhm temperature sensors with stainless steel cases able to continuously monitor the supply and return fluid temperature.
EBV can be controlled by 2 types of signal:
Modbus command;
modulating (or proportional) with selectable range of action 0-10Vdc (default), 2-10Vdc, 0-5/2-6Vdc, 5-10/6-10Vdc and 4-20mA.

The command mode can be set via Modbus or via USB or via the dipswitches on the board.