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VSXT09P DN15 Kvs=0,25

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Zone valve for 2-way PN16 fan coil units
DN15, Kvs=0,25 and plain tapped external threaded connections
Brass body and technopolymer plug
Fluid temperature 5/95 °C
More Information
Valve body Brass
Plug Polimer
PN 16
T Fluid min[°C] 5
T Fluid max [°C] 95
Leakage [% Kvs] 0
Stroke [mm] 5,5
Valve type 2 way
DN [mm] 15.00
Kvs 0.25
Connection External Threaded
Seal Flat
Fluid Water
Max Differential Press. [kPa] 400
Connection size 1/2" M (GAS UNI-ISO 228)
Micra valves are used to control the flow of hot or cold water in heating and air conditioning systems. The innovative and patented design makes the Micra valves the most compact on the market thus allowing easy installation on the terminal units.
The PN16 valve body is made of brass with 1/2 "and 3/4" threaded connections while the internal parts are made of reinforced technopolymer. The stop is perfect both on the direct way and on the corner road and is made with EPDM o-ring gaskets compatible with water and glycol mixtures.
All the external metal parts are made of stainless materials ensuring the absence formation of rust even in the presence of condensation. All models can be equipped with thermal shells.